Our Weft collection reinterprets the original form of the humble and stalwart shelf. Beautiful in their honesty and subtlety while also suffused with qualities of purposefulness and functionality. 

Inspired by traditional and prevailing craftsmanship, with honest material expression and direct detailing. Unique hand-woven backs create character and depth and showcase the beautiful tones of the natural woods.

The collection focuses on beautiful and practical display of ephemera and other objects.

Hand-Woven Craft

Weft (from traditional fabric weavers parlance) references the hand-woven backs of the collection, conveying a crafted aesthetic.

Each piece is individually hand-woven, using laths made in our workshop. The gently opposing curves enhance the character, tones and warmth of the natural woods, with their appearance changing through the day as light moves through the room.

Reminiscent of time-honoured craft and a relevant contemporary design.

Each and every piece is hand-made in our West Sussex workshop, always one person working on one piece. This approach means we are able to offer bespoke pieces and alterations. If you would like any alterations or to commission a unique piece, please enquire here.

Close up Ash shelf with character grain and woven lattice wooden back

A Cup-on-a-Board

We find joy in the purity of origin for the humble cupboard. An unassumingly simple, hand-hewn plank, termed in the middle ages, merging the words ‘cup’ and ‘board’. Quite literally a board for storing cups. Imagined and used by churches and, in time, adopted in homes, with the purity progressively dissolving, being replaced with ever more elaborate, decorated and carved interpretations.

Our Weft collection of ‘cupboards’ echos a simpler, purer, more honest time, creating a quiet contemporary beauty, celebrating the rich character and warmth of the wood.


Our furniture is designed and handmade in our small independent British workshop. This process means we can make alterations to our curated collections and invite commissions for truly bespoke pieces and collaborations.

We will use our craft and skills to realise your ideas, all with our unique Pilgrim handwriting and sensibility.

If you would like any changes to our cabinets, or to commission something unique, please get in touch with us.

Contact us for alterations and commissions