Forest of mixed broadleaf and deciduous trees.

Our Story

Inspired by the design vernacular and bucolic beauty of the Sussex countryside, we hand-make authentic and uncomplicated cabinets and homewares.

Designed with restraint, our pieces bring a sense of calm and function to your home. We want to offer an antidote to the hectic world - a simpler, slower, more thoughtful way of living.

Tall man in jeans and blue shirt leaning against a traditional carpenters workbench with tools on. Grey painted concrete floor and white painted brick walls.

After years of hand-making furniture for his home and friends, founder, Paul Staden, realised the Pilgrim brand had been subconsciously in-the-making since he studied furniture design over twenty five years ago.

Seemingly on an unknown journey in the background, Pilgrim was established in 2021, founded on an ambition to make honest cabinets and homewares.

Work bench with wood off cuts, metal drinks bottle, white mug. Note book held open with two hands.

Our Approach

On day one, a sign was hung on our workshop wall reading, ‘an object must be wholesomely and honestly made’. This informs our craft and design ethos, firmly grounded in creating pieces with longevity, simplicity and functionality, carefully selecting materials and methods that are in keeping with the work to be done.

Our curated collections are all designed by us and hand-made to order either by us, in our own small workshop in the heart of West Sussex, or by craftsmen and artisans we’ve collaborated with, who share our sensibilities.

Always one person working on one piece, with our customers just one-degree of separation from the makers.

Chestnut colour working cocker spaniel looking up through lengths of wood.

Finally, every workshop needs one

...the ubiquitous workshop dog. In our case, Flóki. Named after the Viking explorer, Raven-Flóki; brave, adventurous, independent and never went on the sofa - that Viking.