Birce (old English for the humble Birch tree) is our curated collection of crafted cabinets, designed with a visual calm, crafted aesthetic and minimal detail to celebrate the clean lines and showcase the soft warm tones and grain of the Maple faced ply wood.

Finished with traditional tactile elements, the doors are glazed with reeded glass, a type of obscure glass giving a hint of delicate light waves softening the objects inside.

The collection focusses on spacious everyday usability.

Birce Cabinet Crafting

The Birce Cabinet is designed with an everyday functionality and useful purpose in mind, presented with a quiet aesthetic to gently enhance your home.

Evolved from an ambition to create a contemporary piece, acknowledging traditional cabinet design principles, offering an antidote to other more common and transient designs. This is achieved through celebrating the clean lines of the material, refined proportions and paring back details and anything unnecessary whilst adding tone and a tactile element through the hardware and finishes.

All Birce Cabinets are hand-made by artisans in our West Sussex workshop. This approach means we are able to offer bespoke pieces and alterations. If you would like any alterations or to commission a unique piece please enquire here.

Obscure Glazing

Our cabinets are glazed with reeded glass, a type of obscure glass which gently distorts the view through, softening the shapes inside and adding a hint of delicate light and a timeless appeal.

Glass with varying levels of obscuring are available, some allowing little more than silhouettes to be seen, also a plain glass would complement the Birce cabinet aesthetic.

If you would like a different glass, or samples, please enquire here.


Our furniture is designed and handmade in our small independent British workshop. This process means we can make alterations to our curated collections and invite commissions for truly bespoke pieces and collaborations.

We will use our craft and skills to realise your ideas, all with our unique Pilgrim handwriting and sensibility.

If you would like any changes to our cabinets, or to commission something unique, please get in touch with us. 

Contact us for alterations and commissions